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Visa for UK citizens traveling across a land boarder into Vietnam

Last updated: 2012-03-06 11:28:27


I am traveling around South East Asia and would like to visit Vietnam.
I have looked for information regarding visas and note that you can apply for a visa on arrival, the information then says that you collect the visa when you arrive at an airport.
Can you please advise how to apply for and collect a visa on arrival when traveling across a land boarder into Vietnam.

Mr K A Doherty

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Visa for travelling on a cruise with Holland America March 2011

Last updated: 2012-03-06 11:28:00


I will be travelling on a cruise with Holland America March 2011 and will be stopping at 3 ports in Vietnam during the cruise.

Do I need a 30 day multiple trip visa or can I use 30 day single trip visa for both stops? 
I am a UK citizen with UK passport.  Could you please tell me whether I need to apply for a Visa before my trip.
Also I have read about applying on line with pick up of visa when arrive.  However it only mentions airports.  Does this apply to the cruise ship and can you get the visa at the cruise terminal when you get off the ship?
I will be stopping at the following ports
Phu My (for HoChi Min City)
Nha Trang
Halong Bay
Thank you


Jane Ruddock
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Application for Vietnam visa

Last updated: 2012-03-06 11:27:31

My husband and I wish to travel to Vietnam by road from Cambodia in January 2012.  As we are not arriving by air, we cannot apply for the 'visa on arrival' service.  We are UK citizens although we are resident in France.  Could you please let us know the most appropriate method for us to apply for Vietnam visas by post - either to UK or in France.
Thank you,
Christine Hallam
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longer stay in Vietnam

Last updated: 2012-03-06 11:26:49

Hello, i have been many times in Vietnam for business and private reasons. 2 years ago I met a girl and since last year we are engaged. I am not sure when will we marry, but for the moment i am thinking to buy a small house. the house will be on my fiance's name. i am old enough, i know what i am doing and taking a risk by my free will. however, a question is: is there any way to stay, say, 6 months or longer for private reasons (tourist visa?) or there is only 3 months visa? If I have 3 months visa does it mean i can stay in Vietnam for 3 months? also (this is not your field, but just asking), in your experience, is there any problem we stay in the same apartment since we are not married? i heard some stories that police made problems for that and many other where there were no problems at all.

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photo requirements for Vietnam visa

Last updated: 2012-03-06 11:24:00

Do I need to submit scanned photos when I apply for a Vietnam visa online? What are the sizes? I am from Germany.

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